Courage, Strength

Arranger: Marion Carlisle
Composer: Marion Carlisle
Lyricist: Marion Carlisle

Courage, Strength 20211116a

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Submitter Comments

The words to “Courage, Strength” came to me in the garden during the first lockdown in 2020.  This was a time of change, uncertainty and also reflection.  I heard the cry of a raven in the sky and the first words arrived – ‘Courage to stay, courage to go’.  It can be an empowering song for anyone facing a threshold in life or for those at the end of life.  The low harmony is best sung with conviction but also gently – for support and hope.

[2021.11.16a—Songwriter’s email address changed. Posted 2022.11.07.]


Courage to stay, courage to go.
Strength to endure, strength to let go.