Deeper Than the Tears

Arranger: Lila Allen
Composer: Lila Allen
Lyricist: Lila Allen

Deeper Than the Tears 20210505

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Submitter Comments

Note to Singers: In measure 8, whether you sing “winds sing” (as in the written notation) or “wind sing” (as in the vocal recording), the important thing is to be light on that “s”, please.

About the Song: I think when we think about our loved ones, we connect with them and with the world they are in. We in our physical bodies are unable to fully comprehend that vast wholeness and love that is the new experience of those who have died, and we need a way to release the overflow of emotion the connection creates. If you’re like me, that emotional release is tears. But when I am able to get under the physical reaction and really settle deeply into that space in my chest, I find it is not a void but a doorway — to the warmth and peace of unconditional love.


Deeper than the tears, I will find you.
Beneath the hopes and fears, you will find me.
From ocean depths to mountain heights,
as sure as stars will shine and winds sing lullabies,
I’ll be here.
You’ll be here.
Deeper than the tears.

There is love, always.
There is love, always.
Deeper than the tears,
winds sing lullabies,
I’ll be here.
You will be here.
Deeper than the tears.