Deeply Loved

Arranger: Marilyn Power Scott
Composer: Marilyn Power Scott
Lyricist: Marilyn Power Scott

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Submitter Comments

The original title was “I Am Loved,” and it also is sometimes titled “You Are Loved.” Don’t be fooled–it’s the same song. The new name just jumps over the pronoun confusion. — Marilyn

While this song has been sung by many–and FOR many–for many years, perhaps its most profound application was to turn it around and offer it as a tribute back to Marilyn for her birthday in June of 2022. which was done by combining recordings submitted by 27 different singers from across the globe. This is what you’ll hear in the “ALL Voices” track. — Annie Garretson

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[2014.02.16a—Songwriter’s email address updated.]


I am loved, deeply loved.
I am a well-cherished garden.
I am loved, deeply loved.
I am a treasured child.
All my life, all my days,
From the very first moment of being,
I’ve been loved, greatly loved.
I am love.

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