Eagle So Free

Arranger: Sue Ribaudo
Composer: Sue Ribaudo
Lyricist: Sue Ribaudo

Eagle So Free 20150223

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Submitter Comments

When I’m fortunate enough to see a majestic eagle fly overhead, I am a grateful witness to its inspiration. Earth Day was approaching back in 1996 when I felt a need to commemorate the celebration with a song. The lyrics to “Eagle So Free” speak to my yearning for more connection with the Earth. The melody reflects the pattern of a descending scale that is frequently found in the songs of the Native Americans. Nature is calling to us, and we’ll only hear if we take the time to listen.

Try singing part one, and humming parts two and three.

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High above the forest flies an eagle so free.
Soaring over branches, she is calling to me.
“Like a tree, may your roots find strength in the earth.
“Like an eagle, may your spirit fly away.”

Tags & Keywords: nature earth