Everywhere I Turn (3-part)

Arranger: Kate Munger
Composer: Miranda Rondeau
Lyricist: Miranda Rondeau

EverywhereITurn3 20140227

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Submitter Comments

When I was 21 years old, I went to a weekend event called Creating Our Future, organized by a community of sikhs for high school students. One of the activities we did was “Dances of Universal Peace”. The instructions were that the Beauty within would sing to the Beauty of each person in the circle. We had to gaze in each person’s eyes as we sang. I had never felt so “Seen” with love before, and it overwhelmed me to tears. It was transformative and healing. I told myself I would write at least one song with movement so that I could share. This song was inspired from that activity.


Everywhere I turn, there you are, there you are.
Everywhere I turn, there you are, there you are.
Eye to eye, soul to soul, I meet you, I greet you.
Oh, oh woh oh.