Composer: Helen Greenspan
Lyricist: Helen Greenspan
Arranger: Sherrin Loyd

Forgiveness 2part 20170519

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Submitter Comments

This song came to me at a bedside, one where there were a lot of family dynamics, and I became aware of how unfinished all our lives are, how messy and complex, how imperfect and utterly human. I sat there reflecting upon all the unfinished pieces we leave behind when we die. And forgiveness was the balm I wanted to offer to those parts.

[2017.05.19—Small correction made to melody in measure 6, to match rhythm of high harmony.]


For all I leave imperfectly, I sing forgiveness.
For hurts unhealed, love unrevealed,
For all that remains unfinished,
I wrap it in mercy and lift it to god
And sing forgiveness, forgiveness.