Golden Lotus, The

Arranger: Pati Nagle
Composer: Pati Nagle
Lyricist: Pati Nagle

The Golden Lotus 20190901

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Submitter Comments

A member of my choir asked me to write a song for families of hospice patients, since we often sing to them and could use more songs specifically for them. I set out to do that, and the result is “The Golden Lotus.” The song was inspired by my attendance at a local Obon Festival, a Japanese celebration when family members float candle lanterns for their departed loved ones. I first discovered this festival shortly after the death of my sister, and found great comfort in lighting a candle for her and releasing it onto the water. It is that feeling — of releasing a loved one while still knowing the love will always be there — that I wanted to evoke in this song. My choir has sung it at several memorials, and family members seem to find it comforting.

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I hold a golden lotus in my hands.
The light of love shines through it.
Love for your dear one,
Love that you shared in life,
Love that shines on forever.

I set this golden lotus on the stream.
The light of love shines through it.
Now I let it go.
Gently it drifts away,
Yet I still see it glowing.

And now this lotus dwells within your heart.
The light of love shines through it.
Love for your dear one,
Love that will never die,
Love that shines on forever.

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