Grace is Here

Composer: Carol Harm
Lyricist: Carol Harm

Grace is Here 20151117

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Submitter Comments

This song was inspired by the Midwest Regional Threshold conference when I was a member of the choir. I have since adapted it for use at my local Unity Church and have recently recorded it with my a cappella trio, Ancestra. It will be released in that version soon on our upcoming CD “THREE HEARTS, ONE DREAM.” I welcome you all to follow us on Facebook ( Or check out our web page ( Much love to you all!


Grace is here,
Grace will hold you, enfold you in its arms.
Grace will heal you, and protect you,
And grace will keep you safe.

Peace is here,

And peace will keep you calm.

Joy is here,

And joy will live in you.

Love is here,

And love will lead you home.

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