Great, Slow, Strong (The Elephant Song)

Composer: Kate Munger
Lyricist: Kate Munger
Arranger: Kate Munger

Great Slow Strong 20151217

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Submitter Comments

I wrote this song after my first visit to Lek Chailert’s Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Her care and protection of the elephants in this amazing Nature Park are amazing. Elephants who have been abused, injured, neglected and worked too hard are allowed to heal by being part of their elephant family, a social grouping that is supportive, nourishing and warm. This Sanctuary doesn’t make the elephants play instruments, paint pictures or even trek. Just natural Elephant behavior. I have gone 5 times to apologize to and sing for the Asian elephants there and will go again in August 2016.

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Great, slow, strong, graceful;
Great, slow, strong, graceful;
Great, slow, strong, graceful;

Singing, walking, sharing, praying,
Laughing, crying, working, playing,
Loving, hoping, dancing, swaying;

Between two worlds.
Hearing the Earth.
Protected by
The mother.

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