Here We Stand

Arranger: Laura Fannon
Composer: Laura Fannon
Lyricist: Laura Fannon

Here We Stand 20200711

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Submitter Comments

I wrote this as a song of encouragement or support at any kind of threshold. On its way into the TCI repertoire, this song debuted at a retreat for LGBTQ asylum seekers from Latin America and then at San Quentin Prison, which literally is located at a place “where the ocean meets the sand.”

[2020.07.11—Small corrections to spelling of Spanish lyrics. Composer’s email updated. No other changes.]

Note:  I also give permission for Threshold Choir members to share my songs, sung by them but not recorded, by virtual means in private venues (such as Zoom calls to private clients or nursing homes), but not to post or livestream the songs on social media or in public venues unless I give special permission for this. (Applies to all songs on TC website that I have contributed or will contribute.)


Where the ocean meets the sand,
Here we stand with you.
Where the daylight meets the stars,
Here we are with you.
In this place beyond dreams
Only love is what it seems.
Open heart, open hands,
Here we stand with you.


Lyrics Translation:

Aquí estamos para ti
Donde la tierra toca al mar
Y las estrellas al amanecer
Aquí estamos para ti.
Más allá de la ilusíon,
El amor es la verdad.
Corazones abiertos,
Aquí estamos para ti.

Lyrics Translator: Aviva Lev-David, Laura Fannon, Diana Shapiro


  • Spanish