I Come Only to Be with You

Arranger: Bill Milford
Composer: Bill Milford
Lyricist: Bill Milford

I Come Only to Be with You 20200518

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Submitter Comments

I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know (and love) Kate Munger at the Northfield Conference where she led remarkable music and shared moving stories.  As a singer/songwriter with guitar accompaniment – I very rarely write music in the style of this song – an a cappella round.  However, when I heard of Kate’s retirement from her leadership with the Threshold Choir – the lyrics came easy as that is the ultimate message of the choir – to bring presence, peace, and love to share with others. Kate’s good friend, Velma Frye, was kind enough to transcribe the music for me once the melody arrived.  I am honored to have it included in this collection…


I come only in peace.
I come only with love.
I come only to be with you.