I Hope You Knew

Composer: Patricia Hallam
Lyricist: Patricia Hallam
Arranger: Patricia Hallam

I Hope You Knew 20160625

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Submitter Comments

I wrote this song during a period of time when I was grieving the loss of a relationship that was very special to me. Though my beloved was still in this world at that time, our separation felt like a death to me, and I found myself thinking of how I would feel when he was really, truly gone from this earth completely, not just separated from me by time and space in the present. This song is what came forth as I was thinking about that, and I think it reflects the common experience we have as humans of wondering where it is that our loved ones go when they die, and of wondering whether they really knew how much we loved them while they were here, and of wondering and hoping that they perhaps know that we love them even now, wherever they are.

I like to sing this song through on the melody in unison first, then add the middle part, then the low part.

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You’ve always been there,
But now you are where?
Out in that great beyond,
Out in that somewhere.
Did I do enough to show you what’s true?
I hope you knew how much I loved you.

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