I Love You

Arranger: Leslie Kostrich
Composer: Leslie Kostrich
Lyricist: Leslie Kostrich

I Love You 220127

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Submitter Comments

I Love You” came out of a request from one of our partner hospice agencies for a remembrance ceremony. The words were inspired by a new age mantra the organizer shared. The format was inspired by a song our chapter sings called “Behold“. Ellen Rose made major contributions in critiquing and advising on the musical transcription.

The idea of “Individual Expression” is new to some and can therefore be intimidating. Remember that there is complete leeway in this section…you can choose to sing one or two phrases repeatedly, or stick to the “Gathering” section if that makes you more comfortable. There are no mistakes in this song. Whatever you sing is what was meant to be.


I love you.
I’m all right.
You live in me.
… I love you. I love you.