If Not Love

Arranger: Helen Greenspan
Composer: Helen Greenspan
Lyricist: Helen Greenspan

If Not Love20140212

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Submitter Comments

That’s all there is to it. — Helen, 2013

In June of 2000, the third month of the East Bay Threshold Choir, we met in the round chapel of Starr King Unitarian Seminary on the north side of the UC Berkeley campus. On my way there, I had purchased a small spray bottle of green liquid that was labeled “Abundance.” I envisioned lots of green dollars in my future.
Moments later I saw Helen walking in the same direction with a large platter of Nectarine slices and Huge Cherries. “Ah,” I thought, “That is abundance…” Then at the rehearsal, Helen shared her beautiful brand new song “If Not Love.” I am sure THAT was the abundance that had been hinted at by the green liquid. That song, aside from its own inherent beauty and depth, was the first of more than 500 songs written by members of the Threshold Choir, most of whom had never written a song before and a lot of whom have gone on to write many more. It is one of my favorite songs; it is appropriate for any occasion. And its simplicity adds to its beauty. — Kate Munger, 2022


If not love, what are we here for?
If not love, what are we here for?

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