I’ll Walk with You

Arranger: Patricia Hallam
Composer: Patricia Hallam
Lyricist: Patricia Hallam

Ill Walk With You20140910

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Submitter Comments

This song was the very first one I ever wrote, and its coming into being felt like something of a small miracle to me, as it was the first time I’d experienced a song coming into being through me. A dear friend of mine had been going through a rough patch in her life and I had been thinking of her all day, wanting to tell her how much I loved her and was here for her, and that I would always be here for her, throughout the journey that is this life. I went to sleep that night still thinking about her, and woke in the middle of the night and watched the miracle of a song “downloading” from wherever it is that they come from, into my brain and out through my voice and down onto paper in notated form. It was an amazing experience that was the beginning of my initial foray down the path into song-writing, something I never imagined I could do before then. I love this song, not only because it is my first, but because it speaks to me of the constancy of love, of the desire to be there for those we love, through thick and thin, till the end.

We’ve enjoyed building this song as follows: first verse in unison, second verse with melody and high part [middle harmony], third verse and beyond all three parts.

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1. I’ll walk with you, I’ll walk with you.
If you need someone to see you through,
I’ll walk with you.

2. I’ll stand with you. (2x) If you need someone to stand by you, I’ll stand with you.
3. I’ll carry you. (2x) If you need someone to help you through, I’ll carry you.
4. I’ll stay with you. (2x) If you need someone to stay near you, I’ll stay with you.
5. I’ll hold you. (2x) If you need someone to hold onto, I’ll hold you.
6. I’ll love you. (2x) If you need someone to be with you, I’ll love you.

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