It Would Have Been Enough

Arranger: Nancy Billias
Composer: Nancy Billias
Lyricist: Nancy Billias


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Submitter Comments

I was on my way to a TC rehearsal the week before a visit from Kate. My road took me past a synagogue. I’m not Jewish, but for some reason, the Passover song “Dayenu” (“It would have been enough for us…”) came into my head. In that song, the verses recount blessings from God: it would have been enough if you had given the Ten Commandments; it would have been enough if you had led us out of Egypt; and so on. So this little song came out.

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It would have been enough to know you.
It would have been enough to have your love.
And now we have the blessing, the blessing, the blessing,
Now we have the blessing to say goodbye.

Tags & Keywords: blessing #dayenu