It’s All Right

Arranger: Kate Munger
Composer: Kate Munger
Lyricist: Kate Munger


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Submitter Comments

This is one of a small handful of songs in our repertoire that really call on us to know the situation that exists in the family that we’re singing for. I would only even think about asking whether this song is right after knowing very deeply the folks involved. I have used it 3 times. Each time was when the client was apparently not responding verbally and the family needed to let their loved one know they were willing to carry on without them. Then I asked all present “Are these lyrics right for this situation? Would you like to join me in singing, whispering, or mouthing the words?” I recommend delicacy and caution with this song. The first time I sang this song was for Margie and her family. She had not spoken for 4 days; they wept along as we sang the song. Then Margie mouthed the word “Wonderful.” That precious communication was the last her family had with Margie.

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It’s all right, you can go.
Your mem’ries are safe with us.