Keep On Believing

Arranger: Laura Fannon
Composer: Laura Fannon
Lyricist: Laura Fannon

Keep on Believing 20180617

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Submitter Comments

I wrote this song of encouragement as medicine for any of us who struggle at times to “keep on believing.”

The sound files feature a rhythm made using alternating hand claps and leg slaps, as clapping is hard to keep up. In teaching the song, I usually have singers start with the rhythm before starting to sing the melody.


Note:  I also give permission for Threshold Choir members to share my songs, sung by them but not recorded, by virtual means in private venues (such as Zoom calls to private clients or nursing homes), but not to post or livestream the songs on social media or in public venues unless I give special permission for this. (Applies to all songs on TC website that I have contributed or will contribute.)


Keep on showing up in the moment.
Keep on working for a world that’s safe and kind.
Keep on caring even when it breaks your heart.
Keep on believing in this life.


Lyrics Translation:

Sigue estando firme en el momento.
Sigue luchando por un mundo bondadoso.
Sigue amando aunque tengas decepción.
Sigue creyendo en esta vida.

Lyrics Translator: Laura Fannon and Solveig Flores


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