Keep Me in This Moment

Arranger: Annie Garretson
Composer: Annie Garretson
Lyricist: Annie Garretson

Keep Me in This Moment C 2019

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Submitter Comments

Many years ago when I sang with Pikes Peak Threshold Singers, I felt a need to find a way to set both my mind-set and the tone for both bedside singing and rehearsing. I was often needing to clear away whatever to-dos, concerns, or distractions, so I endeavored to create a message through song that would help me stay present — one that would help me be complete aware and fully cognizant of what might unfold, so I could react in the best way possible. This song expresses that for me, and I hope other folks will find it useful.

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[2019.09.26—Minor error in 9/17 notation fixed (m1, high part). Sound file replaced to correct an inaccuracy.] [2019.09.17—New notation: Although there are several changes to the notation, including the key, the only change to the song as sung is that the high harmony now sings two pitches (instead of one) on the word “me” at the end of measure 10, parallel to the other two parts.] 



Let me leave behind all that keeps me from being in this moment.
In this time and place, be all I need to be.
Let me be in this moment, so I can clearly see
What this moment is asking of me.

Tags & Keywords: Alignment before singing; centering