Kindness Within Us

Arranger: Leslie Kostrich
Composer: Leslie Kostrich
Lyricist: Leslie Kostrich

Kindness Within Us 20220728

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Submitter Comments

From the moment they first heard it, the members of my chapter were very taken with the expression “Kindness made audible.” The original version of this song was a riff on that phrase, but the song evolved to reflect my feeling that kindness is a music that extends straight from our hearts.

I think this song is probably most appropriate as a gathering song for singers as they rehearse or center, but might also be appropriate at some bedsides.

Among the kindest of people I have ever met is Threshold Choir’s Ellen Rose. I am extremely grateful for her encouragement and her help with all my songs, but particularly this one. Her assistance on the arrangement was invaluable.


Sing with your heart; make kindness your melody.
Embellish the theme, and kindness is harmony.
The beat of your heart is the cadence of kindness.
Kindness lives within us.