Land van Zon (Land of Sun)

Arranger: Anjo Jorritsma
Composer: Anjo Jorritsma
Lyricist: Anjo Jorritsma

Land van Zon 20190911

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Submitter Comments

What kindled this song’s creation? I was looking for a song for our Bedside Singers Wageningen chapter that would subtly take people to a different reality, one that we can’t touch – but one that I personally can always remember from a near-death experience I had as a child. It brought me to this layer of consciousness between heaven and earth. I’ve tried to put this into words, using elements from nature to lead people into the realm of the senses: basking in the sun and the moon; inviting and receiving the blessings of the blossoms. Perhaps then we can spend a moment with ourselves beyond worry, fear, and pain.

Spring here in the Netherlands is always gorgeous, with fresh budding greens and blossoms. The sun is truly pleasant, finally giving us light and warmth after the long, dark winter months. By remembering the connection in this song with all of life, we can more easily let go of tension and fear. The song ends with the fact that all of this takes place in the song: here and now.

As an alternative, you could adjust the last line, following “Where the fragrant blossoms shower us with blessings” not with “in this song, in this song” but instead with “in our heart, in our heart.


Er is een Land waar we zonnen in de zon.
Er is een Land waar we manen onder de sterren,
Waar een regen van bloemen geur ons zegent,
In dit lied, in dit lied. ah hm


Lyrics Translation:

There is a land where we bathe in warming sun.
There is a land where we stargaze under the night sky,
Where the fragrant blossoms shower us with blessings,
In this song, in this song. ah hm

Lyrics Translator: Anjo Jorritsma and Ellen Rose


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