Listen With Your Heart

Arranger: Laura Fannon
Composer: Laura Fannon
Lyricist: Laura Fannon

Listen With Your Heart w:Escucha 20190322

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Submitter Comments

Every day as a therapist, I hear the words “Thank you for listening to me.”  I hear as well the yearning behind those words for the healing offered by a listening heart. This song arose from these experiences.

In the sound file, I layer the higher harmony (“Add 1”) over the melody first, but it works just as well to add the lower harmony first and then the higher one.
A Spanish version of the melody line is available.

[In the 2019.03.10 version, the Spanish melody line was incorporated into the notation, and a sound file was added to help with learning it and to illustrate singing “aaah” in the harmony parts.]

[2019.03.22—Small correction made to the Spanish line in measure 7, the rhythm on “can-to” was previously shown as two eighth notes, should be dotted eighth plus a sixteenth. Similar change to m10 on “co-ro”.]

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Listen with your heart.
All the world is yearning for you to
Listen with your heart
1) and hear your song of love.
2) and sing your song of love.
3) and join the chorus of love.


Lyrics Translation:

Escucha con tu corazón.
El mundo entero anhela que tú
escuches con tu corazón,
1) para oír tu canto de amor.
2) para cantar tu canto de amor.
3) y que te unas al coro de amor.

Lyrics Translator: Laura Fannon


  • Spanish