Love Will Cross You Over

Arranger: Sudie Pollock
Composer: Sudie Pollock
Lyricist: Sudie Pollock

Love Will Cross You Over 20190904

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Submitter Comments

This was written after my mom died in 2005. I was with her when she left and watched her breathing change from shallow, infrequent breaths to the last three breaths she ever took, which were close together and deep—like she was preparing for an athletic event. After the last breath out, she simply didn’t breathe again. I stayed with her body for about an hour, feeling the peace surrounding her exit and the love welcoming her from the other side. The phrase “ take a breath and be there” reflects what I observed and “love will cross you over” describes what I felt.

[2019.09.04 notation (posted April 2020) shows corrected rhythm in measure 6-8.]

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1. Love will cross you over.
Love will cross you over.
Love will cross you over,
Allelu, allelu.

2. Feel the light invite you…
3. Take a breath [hold] and be there…
4. Love will cross you over…

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