Lullabye (Like a Ship in the Harbor)

Arranger: Cris Williamson
Composer: Cris Williamson
Lyricist: Cris Williamson


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[verse 1]
Like a ship in the harbor,
Like a mother and child,
Like a light in the darkness
I’ll hold you a while.
We’ll rock on the water,
I’ll cradle you deep,
And hold you while angels
Sing you to sleep.

[verse 2]
Like a whisper of roses,
Like a murmuring stream,
I’ll come and I’ll fold you
Down under my wing.
When you wake from a wild dream
In the still of the night,
I’ll come and I’ll sing you
This sweet lullabye.



Lyrics Translation:

[familiar form, verse 1]
Como puerto seguro
Te ofrezco mi amor.
En mis brazos descansa
No tengas temor.
Las olas te arrullan
En mis brazos estás.
Angelitos te cantan
Canciones de paz.

[formal form, verse 1]
Como puerto seguro
Le ofrezco mi amor.
En mis brazos descanse
No tenga temor.
Las olas le arrullan
En mis brazos está.
Angelitos le cantan
Canciones de paz.

Lyrics Translator: Gina Sconza and Yolanda Alicia


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