Lumen Solare Fiat

Arranger: Heather Houston
Composer: Heather Houston
Lyricist: Heather Houston

Lumen Solare Fiat 20220530

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Submitter Comments

Heather was a part of a Prayerformance Ritual on the Winter Solstice of 2000. She and her trio were given the Latin words “Lumen Solare Fiat” to work with in composing a song for one of the dance pieces. Heather’s first thought was, ‘I’ll let Samantha compose the song, she’s the songwriter in the trio.’ Then the next day she realized that she didn’t want to continue telling herself the story that she wasn’t a songwriter, and to prove to herself that she was, she took the words Lumen Solare Fiat to the cliffs overlooking the ocean in Santa Cruz, and with all of the YES in her heart, she asked to receive a song and Lumen Solare Fiat was born – harmony parts and all! She and her trio sang it as beautiful dancers swirled around them by candlelight!

[2022.05.30—Rhythm corrected in m6 (high part), m7 (melody), and m9 (low part). Composer chose to change spelling from “lumin” to “lumen”.]



Lumen solare fiat.
Lumen solare fiat.
Let the sun shine.
Bring in the light.
Shine the light.

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