May This Be an Opening

Composer: Gretchen Sleicher
Lyricist: Gretchen Sleicher
Arranger: Gretchen Sleicher

May This Be an Opening 20180619

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Submitter Comments

This song was born at a time of personal challenge and anticipation of loss. I recorded this version a bunker at Fort Worden in Port Townsend. It is completely dark in there, with great reverb, and a great place to experience the beauty in the dark! The song reminds me that every loss can be an opening to/of/for love. The this in the first line of each verse can be anything, but especially our sorrows. The tantric flip reveals the love behind the pain, always a chance for opening.

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May this be an opening,
May I be an opening,
May we be an opening to(of) love.
Opening for love.

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