May Only Love Surround You

Arranger: Patricia Hallam
Composer: Patricia Hallam
Lyricist: Patricia Hallam

May Only Love Surround You 20170703

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Submitter Comments

This song arose soon after learning that a friend in my spiritual community had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  As I thought about all that might be ahead for him and his family, a deep desire to invoke love to surround them through what was sure to be a difficult journey ahead filled me, and this song came through. My dear Threshold Choir sister, Kri, and I had the great privilege to sing this and many other songs for him and his family along the path to his death.

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May only love surround you.
Use lovejoypeacecomfort, others as appropriate.


Lyrics Translation:

Que sólo el amor te rodee. [familiar form]

Que sólo el amor le rodee. [formal form]

Que sólo el amor les rodee.  [plural form]

Lyrics Translator: Kri Schlafer


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