May Peace Be With You

Arranger: Annie Garretson
Composer: Annie Garretson
Lyricist: Annie Garretson

May Peace Be with You

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Submitter Comments

I am so honored that our members—and beyond—are singing this song; it truly touches my heart.

[For full notation of the Spanish version, “Que La Paz Sea Contigo”, click on the second ‘Link’ shown under ‘Print Song”.]

Hebrew language version: Shalom Aleichem

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May peace be with you.
Peace be with you now.
May peace be with you always.
Peace be with you, now and always.


Lyrics Translation:

Que la paz sea contigo.
Que sea contigo hoy.
Que sea contigo siempre.
Que sea contigo hoy y siempre.

Lyrics Translator: Joan Linton


  • Spanish

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