May We Share

Composer: Marsha Boelio
Lyricist: Marsha Boelio
Arranger: Marsha Boelio

May We Share 20210415

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Submitter Comments

As I’ve grown older, my defining spirit is immersed in gratitude — for my good fortune in all that nature around me offers —beauty, soothing, awe; for having been blessed with loving family and friends throughout my life; for the gifts of my heritage and caring upbringing…

When the pandemic was at its height (or so we thought) in the early spring of 2020, I found myself hearing words and a melody (that became May We Share) as I engaged in my daily power walks.  I had never created tune or harmony before  – but because I’d studied music with passion in my early life and selected college with a music degree in mind — I thought it would be a joy to capture this “ear worm” melody and words on paper and enjoy the challenge of creating harmonies.

Threshold Choir has been transformative in my life on many levels – the opportunity to offer the gift of music to travelers at the end of their journeys and to more deeply appreciate my own life. So….I put my gratitude on paper and have been honored to have this small contribution become part of TCI’s repertoire.


May we share the joys of our being.
Let us share the blessings of love.
Cherish the gift of life around,
Treasures from within and from above.