May You Be at Peace

Arranger: Laura Fannon
Composer: Laura Fannon
Lyricist: Laura Fannon

May You Be at Peace 20150618rev

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Submitter Comments

While I was singing at Laguna Honda Hospice, which serves individuals speaking many different languages, I felt the need to create a song with simple and universal lyrics that could be translated into a variety of languages. This one is based on a traditional Buddhist lovingkindness meditation.

[2022.05.14 Notation revised to update Laura’s email address. No other changes.]

Note:  I also give permission for Threshold Choir members to share my songs, sung by them but not recorded, by virtual means in private venues (such as Zoom calls to private clients or nursing homes), but not to post or livestream the songs on social media or in public venues unless I give special permission for this. (Applies to all songs on TC website that I have contributed or will contribute.)


May you be at peace.
May you be at ease.
May you be free.
May you be happy.


Lyrics Translation:

Que esté en paz.
Que esté feliz.
Que esté libre.
Que esté libre.

Lyrics Translator: Stella Perez


  • Spanish