May You Be Well

Arranger: Sudie Pollock
Composer: Sudie Pollock
Lyricist: Traditional Buddhist text

May You Be Well 20191215

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Submitter Comments

I first heard these words from one of our choir members who uses them in her yoga classes. I wrote the music with help from Echo Evensen, who worked out the last four gorgeous chords. I would not use it with a person who is newly diagnosed and might be upset by a song about wellness. As one nears the end of this life, the meaning of “be well” can change. We sing this very slowly, as a blessing.

OK to share this recording from the Napa Valley Threshold Singers CD for this purpose. (Click here to order the CD for just $2 to cover postage.)


May you be well. May you be peaceful.
May you hold your life in a sea of tender mercy.
May you have well-being of body, heart, and mind.
May you be filled with loving kindness. May you be well.

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