May You Find Peace

Composer: Helen Greenspan
Lyricist: Helen Greenspan
Arranger: Helen Greenspan

May You Find Peace 20171213

Submitter Comments

Written on a boat turning the corner out of the harbor into Monterey Bay at the beginning of grey whale migration season. Thinking of the 12,000 mile journey these beings must make, half of it with their new calves, and with very little food. The wish for peace poured out for them, and for all beings, on journeys both internal and external, with all that happens above and beneath the surfaces. Thinking about all beings everywhere and wanting to send a blessing for safety and peace.


Whether whale or human being,
Resident or refugee,
In this time of earthly need,
May you find peace.

refrain: May you find peace...

When the hurting doesn't end
And suff'ring runs deep,
Hear these words of true intent,
May you find peace.

refrain: May you find peace...

In our hands we hold a prayer
For ev'ry being ev'rywhere
With a wish we all can share:
May you find peace.

refrain: May you find peace...