May You Know How Much You Are Loved

Arranger: Penelope Salinger
Composer: Penelope Salinger
Lyricist: Penelope Salinger

May You Know How Much 20230202

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Submitter Comments

“May You Know How Much You Are Loved,” which I wrote in July of 2016, emerged when I was thinking about the power of lullabies. I asked myself what I would most want a child to hear as s/he was falling asleep. The answer was that I would want all children to know how much they are loved. And who better to convey that message than angels?

After I taught the song to the Santa Barbara Threshold Singers, Wendy Fiske began singing it to her young granddaughter, who then requested it every night. The granddaughter added a series of hand movements, which we incorporated into our singing of the song.

I have always heard harp music in my head while singing this lullaby. I made my wish come true by inviting Verlene Schermer to provide harp accompaniment when I recorded the song for my CD “To Remember Who We Are.”

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May angels caress your face.
As you sleep, may they hold you in gentle embrace.
And as you awaken to a brand new day,
May you know how much you are loved.

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