In This Moment, Peace Is Mine

Arranger: Penelope Salinger
Composer: Penelope Salinger
Lyricist: Penelope Salinger

In this Moment Peace is Mine 20180312

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Submitter Comments

Many of my songs fall into the category of “sung affirmations.” One of the teachings of “A Course in Miracles” is that we can always choose peace. I wrote “In This Moment, Peace Is Mine” to remind myself that, when I stay in the present moment, everything is pretty much fine. When my mom died in June of 2007, I flew back to Michigan. I went swimming in the lake during a break from planning her memorial service, and, while floating on my back, I unexpectedly felt surrounded and supported by a deep peacefulness. I referred back to this experience when I wrote the line: “In this moment I am held in the arms of Love Divine.”

For the purpose of including this song on my CD “To Remember Who We Are,” I made the original chant a chorus, to which I added musical interludes in between the iterations. Each interlude has its own melody and focuses on a different aspect of the affirmation. I ended up renaming the song “In the Arms of Love Divine” on the CD. I also created movements for the song to be used as a circle dance, which we debuted at the Saturday evening session of the 2018 Southern CA Threshold Choir Regional Gathering in Santa Barbara.

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In this moment, all is well.
In this moment, peace is mine.
In this moment, I am held in the arms of Love Divine.

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