Morning Lullaby

Arranger: Kri Schlafer
Composer: Kri Schlafer
Lyricist: Kri Schlafer

MorningLullaby 20190605

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Submitter Comments

We have many songs—a whole genre—dedicated to songs to support the transition of waking to sleeping (lullabies).  It occurred to me a while back that it could be equally helpful to have songs—and a genre?—to support our transition from sleeping into waking.  When I was telling my dear friend Helen Greenspan about this, and shared the song with her, she said: “You wrote a wake-a-bye!”  Perhaps a new genre is born?

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Into this new day gently come.
Kindness hold you close.
This gift of body, bone and blood,
Mountains walk and rivers fresh do flow in you.
Trees and meadows bring to you their sweet breath.
Come speak your name into this new day.