Mother Earth

Arranger: Laura Ash
Composer: Betsey Beckman
Lyricist: Betsey Beckman

Mother Earth 20180315

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Submitter Comments

Not long after writing “Mother Earth”, I gave birth to my son via C-section, (in 1992) and my close friend sang the song to me during this birthing threshold.  It is an honor to know that the same song will now be offered at the threshold of the dying. If you are inclined, I would be quite interested to hear any stories that may come through in the process of sharing “Mother Earth.”  Also, feel free to learn the gestures I created (as shown on the video file) and share them as you are so moved.  Blessings to all!  -Betsey


Mother Earth, birth and death, come and hold me in your arms.
Mother Earth, life and breath, come and hold me in your arms.
Cradle me, circle me, holding me in your mystery.
Challenge me, strengthen me, holding me in your heart.

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