Moving to My Center

Arranger: Nancy Tichenor
Composer: Nancy Tichenor
Lyricist: Richard Tichenor

Moving to My Center 20200718

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Submitter Comments

This song was written on a road trip.  My wife Nancy loves to sing and was singing with the radio. I asked her if she had ever thought about writing a song. She hadn’t at that point (although she has since then). She turned the question back on me asking if I had. I can’t sing and hadn’t thought about it either, but the words to Moving to My Center came to me over the next 20 minutes or so. I recited it to her and she immediately started thinking about putting it to music. When we got home she sat at the piano and wrote the music. She later sang it to her hospice choir. They liked it and began using it.

I should note that they changed two words. I didn’t actually write it as a hospice song. I was referring to a profound level of meditation. My original meditation version was Moving to the Center and began “I sit in sweet surrender.” The choir changed “The” to  “My” and “sit” to “rest”, obviously making it more appropriate for hospice. For other uses, I have made three verses that begin “I sit”, “I walk”, I live”.


I rest in sweet surrender, letting stillness wash over me,
Releasing all my stories, all my identities.
Moving to my center, love is all I see.
Moving to my center, knowing love as me.