My Grateful Heart

Arranger: Kate Munger
Composer: Laura Fannon
Lyricist: Laura Fannon

My Grateful Heart 20150609

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Submitter Comments

I wrote this song on Thanksgiving morning, 2004. The lyrics and melody arrived at once, a pure gift of grace. Since then I have been further graced by many precious stories from Choir members about occasions on which the song has been sung and received, at bedsides and elsewhere, all over the world. My heart remains eternally grateful for the song, for the loving collaboration of those who arranged and translated it, and for my sisters in the Choir who sing it so exquisitely.

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My grateful heart, so filled with years of living.
Memories flow by me like petals on a stream.
My grateful heart forgives so many sorrows,
Brings peace that lasts forever, illuminates the dream.

Additional verse for memorial services:
Our grateful hearts recall your gentle spirit.
The blessings of your being surround us like a prayer.
Our grateful hearts now feel your spirit soaring.
Wherever love is shining, we’ll know that you are there.
Our grateful hearts now feel your spirit soaring.
Wherever love is shining, we’ll always find you there.


Lyrics Translation:

Mi corazón es tan agradecido.
Pasan los recuerdos, arroyo abajo van.
Mi corazón perdona los dolores,
Ofrece paz eterna y al sueño da su luz.

Lyrics Translator: Joan Linton, Vicky Jimenez-Russo, Olivia Leon, Yolanda Alicia


  • Spanish

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