From My Heart to Yours

Arranger: Maria Culberson
Composer: Maria Culberson
Lyricist: Maria Culberson

From My Heart to Yours 20150531

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Submitter Comments

Driving to our TC founder Kate Munger’s home one day, I was very put out that my radio wasn’t working. On the sunny, silent drive this song “showed up” in my head.  One line at a time – no edits needed.  It was in answer to my desire to give something back to the Threshold Choir and my singing sisters.

At Kate’s I jumped in her car to head down the California coast to sing with the choir in Santa Cruz. Heading down the freeway, I told her I’d just written a song, and was nervous about sharing it.  She laughed and said the she would have something nice and constructive to say, or that she wouldn’t say anything.  I sang it for her, staring straight ahead out the windshield and then held my breath as I waited. I was so disappointed when my final note was met with silence, until she pulled the car off to the side of the road and I looked over to see tears in her eyes.  Her response was so sweet and heartfelt, and the Santa Cruz gals were wonderful.

In just 24 hours “From My Heart to Yours” was imagined, sung, shared, harmonized, written out and recorded. This song is one of the things I am most proud of in my life. It gives me great joy to know that it is out in the world touching people’s lives. Before this song I didn’t think I could be a singer/songwriter….now I know that I am.

This song gives me great joy. I hope that it goes far and wide. I invite singers to share with me if they find add’l or alternate lyrics for various bedside situations or if anyone comes up with a really rich, lower harmony part (which has thus far eluded me). Blessings, Maria

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From my heart to yours, a song without end.
May it offer you comfort and healing my friend.
Though I cannot go with you, your journey goes on.
I can laugh with you, cry with you,
Sing ’til you’ve won your freedom from suffering,
Release from all fear.
May you find all the love that you needed was here.