My Intention Is to Heal

Arranger: Natacha Ledwidge and Lala Birchak and Khristina Evans
Composer: Natacha Ledwidge and Lala Birchak and Khristina Evans
Lyricist: Natacha Ledwidge and Lala Birchak and Khristina Evans

My Intention Is to Heal 20221126

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Submitter Comments

When the 3 of us meet up we love to play and make music together. Natacha gets out her guitar and Khristina and I our shamanic drums and then we strum and drum along and just see what happens.

Our song “My Intention Is To Heal” arose from one of those sessions. There was no intention to create a particular type of song, but healing, and the intention to heal, was very present in our awareness as a number of women in our beautiful Threshold Choir, as well as Natacha and myself, have been dealing with significant health challenges this year.

We started with a simple slow drum beat and then gradually words came up, before we knew it, we were beating the drums and tapping our bodies and then there the song was, fully formed. It never felt as if we were consciously creating a song, more that we were enjoying making music together and the song that wanted and needed to be heard came through us.  As this song came and we were singing, it became apparent that part of it’s beauty was in its simplicity and strong rhythm and that it could easily be picked up later by other singers.

We have sung it many times since, softly, loudly, improvising in different ways and allowing our emotions in the moment, to determine how it needs to be sung.  Please feel free to improvise and enjoy as you sing and tap your own body.


My intention is to heal every little cell in my body.
We’re healing. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah.