Ocean Breath

Arranger: Helen Greenspan
Composer: Helen Greenspan
Lyricist: Helen Greenspan

Ocean Breath 20220624

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Submitter Comments

Written at a medical clinic in Mexico amidst uncertainty, fear, great love, support, in the presence of extraordinary humans and the constancy of the ocean outside my door. Through it all, the breath of the ocean breathed me.

Ocean Breath is most powerful and beneficial when sung slowly. Singers tend to speed it up, but the real magic of the song can be discovered when you keep it slow, let it rock your body and settle into your bones. Many clients with breathing issues have told me it actually helps slow their breathing down when sung slowly. I suggest you try it at different speeds so you can feel the difference.


Spanish language version: Ocean Breath (en Español)


Ocean breath breathing me,
Ocean breath breathing me,
Ocean breath breathing;
Ocean breath breathing me.

2. Lifting and falling breathing me
3. Holding, releasing breathing me
4. Eternal breath breathing me
5. Ocean breath breathing me

Tags & Keywords: CD3 ROUND