Arranger: Annie Garretson
Composer: Annie Garretson
Lyricist: Annie Garretson


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Submitter Comments

Early on in my bedside-singing experience, I was sometimes so taken with the beauty of our gift that I could hardly imagine someone not wanting to receive our loving, musical balm. I was part of a trio that sang nearly every Thursday morning at an in-patient hospice unit, where we’d venture from room to room, then ask if people would welcome our singing. In that stage of my Threshold Choir evolution, being refused felt disappointing—and I sometimes thought to myself that they didn’t know what they were missing.

It was likely the result of cumulative bedside experiences that helped me see that there is so little that a person in their final stage of life can control, but one thing would certainly be a choice to say yes or no to an invitation to hear some singing by people they don’t even know.

Over time, I developed a keener ability to see what was needed in the moment; what kind of song to offer; when to sing ooh; when to leave; when to remain silent. I recognized the need to remain present, responsive, and authentic–and to accept what might unfold, including rejection.

So, this song is really a personal prayer to remind myself what I need to be in whatever bedside situation I might encounter, and not try to make it something of my design, but simply to lovingly offer what my co-singers and I do as a dedicated practice, and not be an impediment to what is meant to be. I offer this song to anyone wanting to ‘ground’ their intention prior to singing, or other fitting life situations. —Annie Garretson 1.18.23

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May I be true,
may my heart be open,
and this offering received
as it’s meant to be.

Tags & Keywords: Centering; alignment