Pathway Home

Arranger: Marti Mariette
Composer: Marti Mariette
Lyricist: Marti Mariette

Pathway Home 20220502

Submitter Comments

I wrote this song… well sometimes I think songs are given and this one was a gift that arrived after I spent the day singing bedside to my dearest friend Robin Joseph the day before she died. 

We met on the porch of our hotel in Ubud, Bali on a Threshold Choir Trip. 

We shared a long, deep and wide friendship with many an adventure along the way. This song arrived thinking about all the beautiful parts of life I shared with Robin and how life sang through her.

When you sing this song…. find out what the person you are singing to most loved and echo those words back to them. 


The garden sings her song.
All creation sings along.
We are loving her as she finds
Her pathway home, her pathway home.

Note: For "garden", feel free to substitute whatever would be most
meaningful to the recipient, such as
ocean, forest, or family.