Peace Be with Thee

Arranger: Robin Kaminski
Composer: Robin Kaminski
Lyricist: Robin Kaminski

Peace Be with Thee 20220222

Submitter Comments

The lyrics of the first line were inspired during meditation by the Om Shanti chant I use to open and close my Yoga practice. The melody line emerged almost as is by opening my mouth, ‘getting out of the way’, and singing it. I wish to acknowledge Gwendolyn Lush, who has enthusiastically helped with all my songs and taught me many of the finer points of musical notation.


1) Shanti, shanti, peace be with me.
     Shanti, shanti, peace be with thee.
2) Pacem, pacem, peace be with me.
     Pacem, pacem, peace be with thee.
3) Shalom, salam, peace be with me.
     Shalom, salam, peace be with thee.