Peace of the Evening

Arranger: Marion Carlisle
Composer: Marion Carlisle
Lyricist: Marion Carlisle

Peace of the Evening 20190619a

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Submitter Comments

On a summer’s day in Wales I sat beside our small pond, letting thoughts drift away. Then these words came – ‘the river flows towards the sea…’ and I realised it was a new song arising.  I looked around and saw the grass growing, growing silently as it does.  This song  celebrates the eternal and effortless flow and growth of nature. And the gift of peace as we tune into the natural world – for the evening and the evening of life.

[2019.06.09a—Songwriter’s email address changed. Posted 2022.11.07.]
[2019.06.09—Alternate title added; lyrics switched in bars 9 and 12 (now “comes to me” when repeating and “calls to me” when ending).]


The river flows towards the sea.
The grass is growing silently.
The peace of the evening comes to me.

The peace of the evening calls to me.