Peace, Love, Peace, Simply

Composer: Charmaine Emery
Lyricist: Charmaine Emery
Arranger: Charmaine Emery

Peace Love Peace Simply 20230207

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Submitter Comments

I went to visit/sing with one of our members who was in hospice. A sad day. After all these years of bedside singing I surprised myself by being nervous and uncomfortable. It is different singing to a stranger than to someone you have sung with and have a relationship with. This was hard. My mind went blank, the songs I had chosen did not seem right. I opened my mouth and Peace, Love, Peace flowed out.  A friend was visiting, also a singer and she and I weaved harmonies made up on the spot. It seemed to comfort our friend and I left feeling better than when I arrived.  During the pandemic I had time to clarify harmonies. I find minor melodies very soothing. I hope you do too.


Peace, love, peace, simply,
Peace, love, peace, simply,