Picture Yourself

Arranger: Sudie Pollock
Composer: Sudie Pollock
Lyricist: Sudie Pollock


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OK to share this recording from the Napa Valley Threshold Singers CD for this purpose. (Click here to order the CD for just $2 to cover postage.)


1. Picture yourself as the sunshine, sparkling on ocean and beach,
Moving on mountains and valleys, warming whatever you reach.

2. Picture yourself as a garden, flowers and ferns all around,
Bluebirds and even a fountain, bubbling a beautiful sound.

3. Picture yourself as a rainbow, a prism suspended in space
Following after the storm clouds, promising beauty and grace.

4. Picture yourself as a moonbeam, full of a warm loving light,
Showing a path into darkness, shining your way in the night.

5. Picture yourself as an eagle, gliding so free from the ground,
Feeling the wind on your wings while watching the sun going down.

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