Present (I Am Here)

Composer: Tina Lorenzen
Lyricist: Tina Lorenzen
Arranger: Tina Lorenzen

Present (I Am Here) 20200803

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Submitter Comments

The words “Here I am” are throughout biblical stories (ex. Isaiah 6:8, Exodus 3:4, John 14:6, 1 Samuel 3:6 & 3:8, and Genesis 31:11) and are a common meditation mantra.

This song is dedicated to a dear loved one who has been fighting Covid alone in the hospital for months, but has articulated that she knows she was not alone.

T2P:OK—Limited permission granted to share your own recording, as described here: Temporary 2020 Permission Details


I am here. Here I am.
I am here, now here I am.
I am here. Here I am.
Present in this moment here with you.

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