Pure Grace

Arranger: Marti Mariette and Kate Munger
Composer: Marti Mariette
Lyricist: Marti Mariette

Pure Grace 20210524

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Submitter Comments

I was a volunteer with my local hospice as a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. I was called to a bedside for a woman in the last hours of her life to help ease moving her as the bedding and her bedclothes were changed. Dominique was in great pain. As I assisted her movements, she locked on to my eyes and while she had not spoken in days, as I explained our movements, I felt a connection like I had never felt before. Her presence enveloped me as well, as if she needed my strength to join her. Her communication to me was crystalline and sure. She told me just how to hold her, just how to move and all without words. This woman and I danced through the next few minutes as pure grace and love. I left the room a bit shaken and the song arrived like a wind whipped up from the trees. I sang it nonstop and received a call the next morning that she had died. It was as if the love we shared in those few moments infused me with this music. To life unending and continuing as a song. To Dominique.

[The 2021.05.24 notation reflects options chosen or requested over the years since the song was introduced:  using the word “burden”, adding an optional drone (as on the “Walking Each Other Home” CD), omitting the round entrances. The key signature has been changed to follow music-notation conventions for indicating mixolydian mode (major scale with flat/minor seventh tone).]


Lay down your burden, let go.
Lay down your burden, let go.
You are pure love now, you are pure grace.
Lay down your burden, let go.

Burden can be replaced with bodytroublesanger, …

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