Quieter Now

Composer: Kathy Allen and Helen Greenspan
Lyricist: Helen Greenspan

Quieter Now20141026

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Submitter Comments

This song was magically created when Kathy and I were both in the Bishop’s Ranch chapel doing separate things. She was finding solace in a rough patch by playing the piano and I was sitting in the pews writing these lyrics. I was trying to come up with a melody and was distracted by her piano playing until I suddenly listened to her chords, ran up to her, and asked her to keep playing them over and over until words and music came together to form this song, and a beautiful connection between the two of us. It is “our” song.


Quieter now, I hear more truly.
Quieter now, my eyes begin to see.
Quieter now, my soul unfurling.
Quieter now, all is clear.

Quieter now, my heart to listen.
Quieter now, the truth is drawing near.
Quieter now, my spirit uplifting.
Quieter now, all is clear.